Local History Books

The following list of books was first compiled by summer student, Camila Beam in July of 2017.

Books on Cambridge-Narrows

  1. Cambridge-Narrows cookbook by the Ladies Auxiliary club -1995
  2. A legacy of History: Cambridge-Narrows Volume 1
  3. A legacy of history: Volume 2
  • Historical landmarks in Cambridge-Narrows
  1. A legacy of history: Volume 3, 4
  • Memories and Stories from our elders
  1. Legacy of History DVD’s on elders of the community
  2. History of the C-NRL from 1921-1950 – Mentions from the diary Alice Mary (Park) Straight
  3. Parish of Cambridge-Narrows and Waterborough Churches
  • Photos of all families in the churches during 1986
  1. A stitch in time- Akerley Area quilt guild by the Queens County Heritage
  • Photos of quilts made by locals
  1. Poetry by Thomas E. Kelly, Cambridge-Narrows NB
  2. Summary of the year at C-NRL
  • A brief description of each year since 2008
  1. Tragedies on and around Washdemoak Lake, Queens County
  • Stories and records of deaths and tragedies from 1850-1950
  1. A history of Cambridge-Narrows by Jackie Straight
  • Including photos and information on the Washdemoak covered bridge
  1. Village of Cambridge-Narrows yearbook (2003)
  2. First Cambridge United Baptist Church
  • A History on this church on the occasion of its 150th anniversary
  1. Living with the land
  • Short history of Canaan-Washdemoak watershed
  1. The diary of Flora E. Somerville 1918-1945
  2. Parishes of Cambridge and Johnson, Queens County
  • Births, Deaths, marriages and articles from these counties during the years of 1989-1915
  1. Memories of the good old days by Laura M. Young
  • Collection of stories from Grand lake and Washdemoak lake area
  1. History of Jemseg Lighthouse

Other Communities in Queens County

  1. Gagetown and Area directory of services for seniors and others
  2. Gagetown: as we were by J.K Chapman
  • The history of Gagetown, complete with photos
  1. The country diary of Samuel Crawford
  • Records of happenings in Gagetown from 1896-1902 through the words of a farmer
  1. The Gagetown Hookers
  • A brief history on Lydia and Raymond Scott, who hooked rugs together
  1. White’s Cove Articles
  • Newspaper articles from 1909-1918 in the Kings County Record under the “White’s Cove” heading
  1. Stories from the land of milk and honey
  • A book of stories from whites cove By Alvin and Ronald Maclean
  1. A short history on Cumberland bay by Roberta Gilchrist Mclean and Marion Gilchrist Reicker
  • Genealogy of the first families and stories
  1. Parish of Wickham
  • Information of deaths, births marriages and various articles from this area from 1788 to 1899
  1. The California Settlement of the Parish of Wickham, Queens County
  • The history on the now extinct California settlement.
  1. New Jerusalem
  • History of the settlement and families who lived there
  1. Shannon cemetery- Parish of Wickham, New Brunswick
  • Information of those who are buried there
  1. The “Free Christian Baptist Church of Shannon”
  • A history of the church from 1853 to 1977
  1. The Wests of Coles Island
  • Story of the original family of Coles Island
  1. History on the central railway from Norton to Chipman
  • The first 20 years of its operation
  1. Birth records of Queens County from 1888 to 1912
  2. Places of our hearts
  • Memories of Base Gagetown Communities until 1953
  1. Background Glances at Sunbury and Queens County
  • The history of Sunbury and Queens
  1. Those days are gone away
  • History of Queens County from 1643-1901
  1. A time there was
  • Abandoned settlements in Queens County, NB
  1. ‘Neath the leaves of many years
  • Stories and memories of Queens County by Dawn Brewer
  1. 16 Journals by Alice May (Parks) Straight:
  • Written about Rural Queens County between 1907-1951
  1. The History of Queens County by E. Stone Wiggins
  • First Published in Saint John to The Watchman in 1876


  1. Memories written from the Pen of William C. Macdonald
  • Stories and poems from queens county
  1. More songs from a bluenose
  • A collection of songs and hymns by H. A. Cody
  1. Auditors Report on queens county records, 1901, 1904, 1905, 1908, 1910
  2. Queens County Fair 1955 Prize list

Biographies of Local Families and Locals, past and present

  1. From the cradle to the seven seas beyond
  • An autobiography of Donald Jenkins
  1. Joyce’s Journal- Memories and other things
  • An autobiography by Joyce Chapman Thorne
  1. The Bird Report
  • A biography on Gerry Ellsworth from St. John, by Jim Currie
  1. Memories and Friends in High Tech Marketing for Canada in Foreign Countries
  • A career biography of B. Royden Machum
  1. Cody’s Women’s Institute “Book of Honour”
  • Short write-ups on these women from 1914-2014
  1. Whistling Banjo-Man, George Hector
  • A biography by Anna Fawcett
  1. Jacob Dykeman- Loyalist
  • Information on the Dykeman Clan and their life during the time and war of 1812
  1. A history of the Kiersteads
  2. The History of the Henderson Settlement

Various books on/about New Brunswick

  1. In the end- Memories and stories of New Brunswick by- J. Clifford Campbell
  2. Covered bridges of New Brunswick
  3. River Boat disasters
  • A collection of recordings of Disasters on the waters of New Brunswick
  1. River Boy
  • Life along the St. John river
  1. Fredericton: The Celebration
  • Portfolio of photos and stories
  1. Your emergency preparedness guide – Service Canada


Various other books

  1. Chimney Swifts by Paul & Georgean Kyle
  • a book on birds that live in chimneys
  1. Everyday life through the ages- Reader’s Digest
  2. The inventions that changed the world
  • An illustrated guide to man’s practical genius through-out the ages
  1. A brush with life
  • Photos of paintings and descriptions of nature paintings done by Glen Loates
  1. Eaton’s Fall and Winter Catalogue, 1975
  2. The 1901 editions of T. Eaton & Co. Catalogues
  3. The Times literary supplement, 1945
  • Newspaper Articles from 1945
  1. The official book of the XXI Olympic winter games in Canada and the X Paralympic games